Cool Sets

I found a great salt/pepper show on the Baltimore clayworks website. I knew about this show and asked how one gets into it. I did get a nice reply back saying it to invitational only( that always sucks). But after seeing the pieces on there I know why and I couldn't see my sets being included in that show. Check it out!
I love to search the web for pots but find that I end up losing a lot of sleep in the process. I usually get on the computer at 11 at night. I always wrap stuff up in my studio around that time and since our computer "station" is right by the door leading to our bedroom, I can't help but sit down and see who has emailed me. The computer is so addicting. I think just as much if not more than a TV. Anyways, if I'm done with my email and want to look someone up it always leads to a late night because I just keep searching and searching until I can feel myself falling asleep in the chair. Of course if we had a high speed computer, I'm sure I'd be getting more sleep! Off to bed!


ron said...

Hey Jen,
Get your tec guy to show you how to hyperlink text to a site. That way I could just click on "Baltimore clayworks" and go right to their site. It's easy to do and more user friendly for your blog readers, like me.

Jen Mecca said...

Like the pottery fairies, sometimes my tec guy goes on strike as well, but I'll see what I can nagotiate with him. I'm still working on trying to figure out how to put photo's on here from my digital camera!j

Anonymous said...

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