They Don't make them like they use to.

Joey and I joined Netflixs a few months ago because we watch so many movies that blockbuster and other video stores just seemed like a waste of money. We both have loved the selection on Netflixs and I have really loved finding all sorts of good things to rent for the kids. Of course most of them are all from my childhood. There is just so much crap out there for kids to watch I'm amazed by it. I rented Free To Be You and Me and I was so moved by the message it sends to kids and also how having this record when I was little maybe had an impact on how I view things as an adult. I don't understand why at a day and age when all the religious Conservative right goes on and on about how our American values are in the garbage ( and we all know they blame it on the liberals) that we have things like "The Brats and Sponge Bob" for our kids to watch. Do we think it was all liberals who came up with that stuff???I was spewing off to Joey the other night how odd it was that programs like this one and The Electric Company, Sesame Street and even Fat Albert where put out in the early 70's when there where Republicans in the white house but public TV and the main stream seemed to accept these programs. But here we are today wiser and more into Tradition values and everything geared towards kids is horrible. ( Of course public TV still tries but I'm not seeing the progression in equality and reversals of male/female roles lately with them either. We still have mommy at home and Daddy going to work) What happened? Maybe like all people when they have kids , I just think things where better when I was little. I liked hearing how it was Ok for boys to cry and that Mommy's can be fireman if they want to be and little girls did not have to grow up and always get married. Now instead I have to see my girls watch big breasted teenage cartoon girls always wanting to look pretty and Bugs Bunny in a space suit shooting lazer guns instead of a pop-gun. OK, enough political talk for the month. At least you know what ticket I'll be supporting in 08'. (And once again, these are just my opions, I don't mean to offend anyone.)( And Joseph...you are not allowed to comment just to get a rise out of me!)



go girl... i know free to be you and me by heart!

Jen Mecca said...

I know, I was having this very same decussion with my mom and my older sister today about how PBS funding and all the other "arts stuff" has been cut so bad in the last decade.

I have to get this album for my kids.

Anonymous said...

Good grief - more like Marlo Thomas and the cast of a bad Love Boat episode - J


he's a trip.... nothing wrong with a bad love boat or fantasy island episode for old time sake... but seriously jen... do you know Really Rosie-by Carol King- super: check for it on amazon!!!

Jen Mecca said...

I was Really Rosi! I use to sing to that all the time when I was a kid.

Joseph.......Marlo Thomas Rocks and I don't think Mel Brooks or Harry Belafonti ( sp) where ever on the Love Boat. Besides.. was'nt it you who was watching old Dallas re-runs a few years ago?