Good Days

Yesterday was not a studio day but still what I consider a work day. I had a good morning catching up on pottery talk with my "Pottery Pals", Ron, Amy and Julie. We got some showed lined up for the up coming year and I got to show them my new pots to get some feedback. Its so great to have a group of pottery friends to show my work too and discussion different shows and ways of dealing with customers. Even when you've been making pots for a few years, I find that I still needs lots of guidance each and every step of the way and its so great to get advise or opinions from other folks working through the same issues as myself. Plus...we all just have some good laughs together and that's important as well!

After a great morning, I was treated to a massage ( via gift card from my folks),which my sore back greatly appreciated and in the evening took my kids at a basketball game at their school. Lots of running around in the cold weather/rain here, but it was all worth it!

Today I cleaned and organized my studio, pugged some clay and met a new potter who is also a landscape designer in Gastonia NC. He came out to talk pots with me ( he too graduated from ECU a few years before me) and also offered us some much needed advise about our water problems. Hopefully we can get some of that resolved in the next year or so and then..I can get my salt kiln up and running.

So, here's a little trip down memory lane for some of you folks. The other day I was asking Joey if he remembered this song called Shake Down Cruise because it has resurfaced on the radio lately I've noticed. Does anyone remember what other song with guy sang back in the 70's???

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry this weekend. Have a good one and I'll get some pottery stuff up here in my next post.


Anonymous said...

glad you had such a good day, that album cover is a scream. that dude had it all goin' on... moustache, windblown hair, open shirt and those sandals are dreamy.

Jen Mecca said...

Oh yes...I saw those sandles and thought..wow, what a stud!
So, do you know what other song he sang that was a hit without looking it up on the web?

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Thunder Island? It had to be around the time that I was 16 and crusing main street :)

Jen Mecca said...

You are right! I'm surprised not more people commented on this. My husband didn't remember this song either so I guess you and I where the only ones crusing main street!