Finally found some creativity!

Lots of photo's here today folks so get ready!

So, I think I sort am getting out of my pottery funk. I enjoyed playing with the libs to some butter dishes this weekend. Here are a few new "chicken's" or just long legged birds I came up with. Sort of fun but I'll know more once they get out of the glaze kiln.
Today Amy Sanders and I had a little Mud Mama's day out. Our pal Allison was suppose to meet us as well but had some car trouble so it was just us to talk shop and motherhood. We decided to meet up at the Daniel Stowe Botanical gardens, which is located outside of Charlotte. Great place to go with kids and parents! They usually have some pretty cool art once a year as well and this summer they have some wonderful chairs that the kids enjoyed trying out.
Here are my three along with Amy and Guthrie on a really nice modern bench. ( Sammy and I are taking the photo!)

Dirt couch complete with table!I love going to see all the wonderful shaped flowers they have. The colors are beautiful but the different shapes always give me new idea's for my pots.
Quaid is a boy who likes to lounge around alot..this hammock made out of tree trucks and steel is perfect for him!
The gardens have lots of fountains and the kids did get totally soaked today. We have had wonderful weather but today we were back up into the 90's and tomorrow I heard that we should expect high 90's. ( I'm not to happy about that!)

This chair was our favorite because it was made out of garden hose.
A sleigh..
And finally here are my toads....
In the afternoon I got back to work. Called the machine shop again only to be told that one of the repair men is on vacation and it may be three weeks before I get my pug mill back. Needless to say......now I'm in a sort of pickle since I have a show only two weekends away and only one bag of clay left. Guess I'll figure something out.....always do!


Cinderelish said...

Looks like a wonderful and inspiring day. What a sweet looking group of kids.

Tracey Broome said...

What a fun day out! I love taking Wesley to places like that and hopefully she will have fond memories when she gets older. Have you been to the science centers in Greensboro and Durham? Well worth the time to visit. When Wes was smaller you could be a member of one of them and get in either at a discount or for free, (can't remember) at all of the science centers around like Discovery Place in Charlotte.We spent many many hours at the one in Greensboro when we lived there. We may have to check out the botanical garden sometime this summer looks great!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gosh, what a nice fountain too!

jim said...

looks like a great day and i think i need a dirt couch... oh, that's right, i already have one. but i need one outside too. love the chickens