Back in the thick of it

I'm back and back working tonight as well. My quick comments on the beach :
The kids had a blast playing in the water.
1.For once no-one was scared to venture into the waves.
2.Joey and I enjoyed playing with all the kids in the tidal pools...it was like swimming in the bath tub.
3.Family vacation, we have decided, are not really good for the both of us to "rest up". It was utter chaos with all the kids, food and organization of living with 13 people......and not everyone was there this trip!
4. And its good to be home.

I"m testing a luster tonight. I kind of feel like if I go this direction with some of my surfaces I might be marketing the "LasVegas" type of shopper. I"ve always wanted to just try it so what the heck. I threw some saucers for cups I did last week and worked on putting my "jam jars" together. I made these back in grad school and thought I'd take a crack at them again. I'm not sure I might the right decision with the handle so I may scrape them for the show but we'll see tomorrow once I get the feet put on. Once again I'm bisqueing stuff when its still kind of wet so I'll be nervous all day Thursday before I open up that kiln load. No matter what I do, I'm always a day late on stuff. Sunday we put up the show.

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