Lights, camera...show!

I think this was the first day after a show that I was not totally whipped out. I have no idea how that happened because I still feel like I worked to hard to get everything made and done in time! We had such a great day yesterday for the sale that I guess it made all the stress that usually stays with me, go away. Having some good laughs with my friends and all the great folks the came out always helps as well.

Here are few photo's of our new set-up. Ron, Julie and Amy got this idea from the big sale they all have attended in Minnesota. It was nice not having to deal with my tent and the other big set-up that I have. We got a lot a great feed-back on the way the new set-up looked so I have to thank Ron for putting it all together for us. Thanks Mr. Philbeck! Here are photo of Ron with a mug made by fellow blogger Doug Fitch .

Here's a shot of my set-up. Look at those pink roses I got for $4 bucks yesterday morning!

Here is Julie's table. She did a smart thing and made a little dinnerware set-up for her table. The red was a nice accent for her yellow celadon.

Here is Amy's set-up. She spent most of the day going in and out of the house with little Guthrie. Watching her and Brain care for him all day really brought back memories of how different life is with a baby. She still did an awesome job of making some great pots before the show. My Hero!

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Ah, bless Him!

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