No Fancy Handles

I got back in the studio tonight to stain some of my pieces in preparation for a bisque kiln. Here are some mugs that are getting ready for some incising and sprig work. I went back to my basic pulled handle. No upside down ones this time. I have to say all the mugs I have made with an upside down handle seem to sell really fast so we'll have to see how these tried and true one's do for me next weekend.

Here are some plates getting ready for the stain to be sponged off.

My good friend Scott Smith found me the female Flash. She's quit something. Maybe if I keep up the rate I'm going with working I'll end up with a "bod" like this! ( Well....most likely not). Wouldn't we all look so silly if everyone did have a super-hero's body? They all have either squared off heads, huge heads or smaller than normal size heads.

I'll leave you with those thoughts to ponder!

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Deborah Woods said...

Hi Jen-thanks for making your pictures so we can click on them. It's really nice to be able to see your detail close up. You make really great handles. Love the female Flash.