Clay times

I got my Claytimes the other day and thought some pretty good articals where in this one and wanted to encourage those of you who don't get magezines on a monthly basis to perhapse go out and get this one!

The first artical I thought was really good was Considerations for Critiquing Claywork
I always enjoy what Lana Wilson has to say and I think this is great if your like me and work alone. I do have some pals I can ask about stuff but most of the time I'm working so fast that I have to make these decisions on my own. Most days, as you know from my posts, things don't register with me until I see them up "in lights" on the big screen.

There is an article about Mark Hewitt for those people who enjoy his work and want to know a little more history about him. He lives outside of Raleigh where I use to live and work and although I never did go to one of his opening, I did hear lots about what an event it was to try and get one of his pieces.

One of my favorite articles was about the Terracotta Warriors of Emperor Qin
You always see these "guys" in art history books and magazines but here, a guy talks about how he think they where made, which is really cool!

Last but not least was the NCECA Clay Biennial & Regional Student Juried Exhibition
Its nice to see what students are up to and I love the photo's of new work just like everyone else does.

I'm off to put some handles on some mugs this evening. I spent all day on this "Monster" making up a final for my art history folks. ( I screwed up the first one.........auahahahahahha) Vacation can not come soon enough!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Mmmm hmm, plus Bill VG and his spout thing plus a cone 6 clear glaze. I like CT BUT
I am not renewing my ceramics magazines because
a) I am broke and can spend the money on beers instead
b) all these blogs are FREE and I prefer looking at work like yours or Ron or Jim which brings me to
c) ceramics monthly always pisses me off---it is so darn arty farty and way WAY outside the life of real potters who have to buy groceries and pay mortgages and get up every morning and make shiny blue bowls for tourists...

Scott Smith said...


Jen Mecca said...

Hi Gary,
You know, the longer I do this, the longer I agree with you on CM. I get my tail feathers ruffled at times when I look through it. Really I get it for the photo's and to find out about show's I can enter. I enjoy Claytimes more because its more down to earth...and I'm kind of like that anyways. I can only take so much deep thoughts about art and then I need a break.
Enjoy your beers!

Hey Scott!

Linda Starr said...

This does sound like a good issue, particularly about critiquing and a cone 6 clear glaze. I'm with Gary on reading the blogs which are so very helpful to me. Thanks for the heads up on the issue.