Quick post on kiln

Well I determined yesterday that the same element I had replaced, went out again. I have a call into "Stan", my element guy about this. I don't know if I posted about how when I put the element in it blew-out my entire electrical system in my shed. My electrician came and said that some elements can have too much current going through them and and if my shed isn't wired for more than a certain amount. This will happen. Of course, it never happened over the 9 years I've been here so I find that a bit strange.( The element blowing out my electrical system that is...I LOVE my electrician and trust him. ) So, we'll see what Stan says. Its not broken so I've ruled out that. I do have some photo's of the crusty pots, but who really wants to see them?
Tonight I think I'll do some cleaning and then hopefully back to making some pots. Arts in the Park comes up again for me in August and my Lark and Key show comes down so I should have a wonderful selection of pots to take up there. ( Cross my fingers!)


cookingwithgas said...

we are potters- so we do want to see.
It's like reading a novel and not getting to read the end.
Darn kilns!.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

This happens with the Cornell kilns every month................and you would think that after 12 months of this somebody would fix it for good....

Jen Mecca said...

So Gary...what causes this in those kilns? This has never happened to me before!