Mother Wren

I had a mother Wren make her nest in my studio last week. I should of kept the door closed as soon as I saw her starting her project but I forgot to shut it and 5 little eggs where laid. I worried for a few days how to handle this bird and her little flock in my studio especially since I have one very nimble cat who can catch about anything. I hate finding dead animals in my studio but birds are the worst. They really freak me out when I find one somewhere that has met its demise.
Anyways, I knew that birds do not like humans touching there nest but I made Jeoy move it because I thought the cat might have a feast of the whole family and at least I could save the Mama bird. We did move the nest to a nearby tree but she has not been back to sit on her eggs. She did sit in a tree the rest of the day and yelled at us in bird language. I could tell she was very upset. I watched her from my kitchen window fly in and out of the studio looking for her nest that had disappeared on her. Joey keeps asking me if she's been back for her eggs...we both feel bad. I took a little photo of them because they are so perfect with little flecks of pink on them.

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