Sunday Catch-up

I tried get on here this weekend but Blogger changed the way you sign in and for the life of me, I could not figure it out.( Which is not rare.) Joey went out of town on Friday night to deliver pots to the "11 To Watch" show that I'm in and pick up my kiln equipment, so my tec help was gone. He is now back and figured out my password so I am back!

So, this Friday I did finally get back to throwing. Boy it felt good. I made mugs and some olive dishes. Yesterday was a no studio day because I was the lone parent and had soccer games and house work to do. Last night we had a fund raising event at Clayworks where I teach called All Fired Up. The instructors did what we called "an extreme demo" which pretty much consisted of a huge form that we all threw parts for. I'll have to get a photo of it when I go to work tomarrow night. Its a basket totally out of the scope of what I had envisioned from the start of the adventure but I guess that is the fun of a bunch of people making something. The people who payed to come to the event, which included dinner, wine, great music, door prizes and an auction, seemed to be having fun. I guess it was a success from what everyone said so hopefully Clayworks will be able to generate some more income for a new facility. I think we have one of the nicest studio's in Charlotte and the best students.

Sunday.....ahhhh today I got to work for most of the day. I pulled handles, made sprigs, finished up the olive dishes and threw some big bowls. It was great. I also realised that I have only a week in a half before I'm firing again for the spring Clay guild show in Charlotte! I need to use any spare time I have to be in my studio. Since the warm weather is here I think I can safely take my three-ply plastic off the screens on my porch and enjoy watching the kids play in the yard while I work. ( Right now all I can see if little blobs through the plastic and lots of screaming!) Also all my plants are blooming outside and I really enjoy seeing all the iris open up and enjoy the sun. Hope you had a good weekend!

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