Sunday Nov. 16

The photo's I'm putting up are from last Monday believe or not. These are two big bowls that came out of the kiln from the last show. I sold one of them, the other one I'll have to get a shot of in my studio. Inside are some little "veggie" bowls. I like to call them this because I made them this size for my kids but they really sell for all sorts of reasons. I love the little foot on these.

I"m plugging' along for the CDC show that is happening Thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday was spent making clay, platters, bowls and today I'm starting on butter dishes and tall vases. I'm catching up on requests I have from various folks. I can only hope the items they have asked for come out well!

We spent Friday night in Charlotte at the Bobcats game. Joey got some free tickets so it was an event for us to go. The children had a really good time and it was good to have some time to relax. I'm looking forward to December 7th when all my shows are done and I can just wear my Mom super cape for awhile.

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