Recovering from "Spooks"

I had every intention to post something for the last three days. We carved our pumpkins on Wednesday, which is always the start to MY holiday season so I was excited!

The days just got away from me from putting out decorations, getting costumes together and volunteering at school all day yesterday. I can't remember that last time Halloween was on a weekend but it was crazy here in little old York. Since we are in the historic district in the downtown we get all sorts of trick-or-treaters and I think last night was a record. My Friend Tonya her children plus my friend MaryAnna came over last night so Joey took the gang in search of candy, while the "women" sat on the porch with a good bottle of wine and a huge bowl of candy. In about one hour we went through 5 bags of candy and by the time the children got back home, we where having them "donate" the candy they did not like to the bowl. The kids actually enjoy doing this because they have a blast giving away their candy. I'm sure as they get older, this will change.

Here is all we could muster up photo wise from the whole event of yesterday. I did get real black and white photo's of everyone in their costumes for my annual Halloween photo in my Christmas card.

Today, I am back to my clay haven and I am really looking forward to my music, the crisp air and just me and my clay.


tsbroome said...

I love it! Recycling candy, brilliant.
We went to the historic district in Hillsborough and had a big 'ol time. There was a wonderful haunted house to visit and great music at several houses. I love, love, love Halloween. Today we celebrated All Saints Day and tomorrow Dio de las Muertos! Happy haunting.

Jen Mecca said...

That all sounds like fun. My husband can't wait till he can take Quaid to a haunted house.
You know, we got married in Hillsbourgh at a house called Arymount. We were that last people to have a wedding there. It was such a cute town.Jen

Big Al said...

Awesome post. Nothing like strange people, dressed weird and begging for candy. Halloween is the second biggest holiday ($ wise) after Christmas. We love it, too! Jen, you are right, it is a great start to the holiday season! Thanks for sharing.

This was our first year with none of our kids begging for candy. The two oldest ones did the decorating and give-away while the 15 year old was marching at the hight school football game. At, back to civility!

Becky said...

From the pic, it looks like you had a fine time carving jack-o-lanterns! I feel the same way about Halloween. It begins the holiday season for me. (I'm actually cooking a turkey today. Guess I just can't wait for Thanksgiving!)
I hope you had a splendid day with your music and your clay haven!