Making Soup

Yesterday I made one of my favorite dishes; Pasta Vasul! This is one of those dishes that reminds you of childhood or home. I grew up with smelling the wonderful aroma of this cooking in a pot in the dead of winter on my grandmothers stove. Since the weather has turned a bit nippy here in the North East, I thought I'd make a pot of it for the week. YUMMM...you can see its in one of my favorite Ron Philbeck bowls and beside it in good company is a mug by Linda Christianson.
Here's how you make Pasta Vasul.

* Large can of crushed tom.
*2 cans diced tom.
* 2 cans white beans
* Two links of Italian sausage
* leaves from a couple celery stalks
* salt/pepper ( to your liking..about a two pinches)
* elbow pasta( to your liking)
* 2 TBS olive oil
*one whole onion

Take the sausage and lightly brown it in the bottom of the cooking pot with the olive oil.
Add a few leaves of celery ( I'd say about 4-7), cook on low.
Add your cans of Tomatoes. Cook for about 10 minutes
Add your beans, salt and pepper and whole onion. Leave cooking on low for about 40 minutes.
Add pasta when your ready to eat!

Its really easy and tastes great!


tsbroome said...

OMG!!! This is the best sounding thing, I can't wait to make this. Wes is a vegetarian, heading for vegan these days, but too bad, she will just have to pick out the sausage!

Sister Creek Potter said...

I took Jen's inspiration and made a vegetarian version (no sausage) and we all tought it a great winner. Thanks Jen! I made afew other changes but it was definitely in the spirit of Jen's soup.

Becky said...

No sausage needed. Still a killer soup. We do as much organic as we can at our house & we have to do w/o sodium so the ease of canned tomatoes & beans doesn't work for us. But the extra time for fresh tomatoes and dried beans is worth it to us for this great soup.

Thank you, Jen!!!!

Big Al said...

I am all over this one! It will be on the table this weekend. Can't wait to gobble this one down. Thanks Jen! Now, if I had a good butter dish to use so I can butter some fresh bread with this...

Jen Mecca said...

.....I know Al, I need to get going on those dishes! Have no fear, they will be in Raleigh when you get there. I have to hav the "mood" hit me for getting those going!~Jen

Jen Mecca said...

Boy..I'm impressed that the rest of you have figured out differant ways to make this! Jen