Photo's from Barn Sale

Here are some shots from yesterday. The first one is one of my new bottle forms that I'm really "diggin" with the red added.
Here is a shot of Ron's booth, mine and Vicki Gill's all together. Its always fun having a neighbor that you know!
Here is Kari and her sweet little boy Colin. Kari is a wood worker and helped make my booth set-up along with Amy Sanders husband Brian. (I can't resist a baby shot.) Another potter took pity on Ron because it rained a bit.She brought over this umbrella for him so he would'nt melt. He's such popular guy and I love to tease Ron!Here is Vicki. Next weekend I'm going to be a guest artist at her studio for her annual Fall Sale. I'm so thrilled that she asked me to join her.
Here are some of my current and former students. That is the great thing about the Charlotte clay guild. This sale has such a wide mix of potters who are just learning how to sell their work and those of us who "think" we know how to sell our work. Ha!

Here is Robin and Chris.

And here is Dorothy and Susan.

Today is family day for me and a little studio clean-up so I can get back to work in the morning.


Patricia Griffin said...

The tall bottle form looks great! Hope you did well in the show.

jbf said...

Glad I got to see you and meet Joey at the sale. You're work looks great.