Stages of Pitchures

Last night I started throwing some pitchers. Here are the beginning stages of a few.

This guy is pretty tall, about 15" and of course being the it is porcelain, it was shrink to about 12" inches after it is fired.

This next shot is the start of the beak and how I have squared it off body. Today I will add a bit more clay to the spout to give it more height and add the handles.

I wanted to load a bisque kiln this weekend but I'm not sure I have enough stuff to pack it full. My elements looks like they are about to go bad on me so I feel like I have to make the best use of space with all my firings since I'm getting into the "crank it....many shows coming up before Christmas!!'' mode. Changing elements right before the big Christmas race scares the heck out me! Maybe I need to make a few electric kiln gods just in case.


Big Al said...

Jen, I'll say a good word to the EK gods for you. I'm not sure they'll listen since I'm not a potter but i figure it won't hurt. Hope it lasts till the day after your last pre-Christmas show and that you find a new one under the tree!

Looking forward to seeing you and your pots in a month!


Don't mess with those elements... I just replaced mine!
Not bad... not cheap... but time consuming.