AHHHHH...the glazing

Yesterday was my glazing day. I was thinking how at one point in my career ( I think it was the beginning), I use to say how much I liked glazing. Boy has that changed! As I was uploading these photo's I was thinking how horrible the pots look with wax and dray glaze all over the surface.

I always approach a glaze day with a sort of sour look on my face because I know I'm just going to be covered in dust and chemicals for a day and I know how unhealthy that has to be for me. I always clean up my glaze shed before I start and most of the time I wear a dust mask. I'm sure I look like a crazy person to any onlooking from the street because while I am sweeping, about every other second I'm running outside my shed to get away from the dust! I dream of having some sort of Dr. Seuss looking machine that would just go to work for me and sweep, suck-up and wash down all my surfaces each time.

The count-down to show number.....I think four?? is soon approaching. The weather is looking iffy for Saturday so wish all of potters in Charlotte good luck!


Becky said...

I've got my fingers crossed for good weather & am looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Sorry I missed you at the Lark & Key.

Big Al said...

Jen, keep wearing the mask. If you have a shop vac try turning it on and running the exhaust hose outside. That can keep the dust down especially if you put a bag inside of it. I do this when I am wood working. Can you try mixing with a lid on the glaze bucket (or whatever you do) to keep the dust down? Just some thoughts.

I'm no potter but to me the glaze is that cocoon phase, sort of, from what I've been reading. It is more than a thrown pot but not a finished pot. It enables the pot to become what you really see when you begin with the clay.

It seems to me that pots are less about the clay and more about the potter, what and how he/she does what he/she does.

Take Ron's dogged determination to mix his own glaze that does not crackle (or whatever the term). That is way about him and his style than it is about the clay.

I don't need to tell you this 'cause you already know it. I just get to sit on the side and watch you guys make awesome stuff out of nothing!

Thanks for letting me watch!

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks for the great post! I like the part about the cocoon. I never thought about it that way.

I'll try that with my shop vac. The older I get the more weary I am about all that dust and stuff.

And you are so right about Ron!