Pitchers I Promised

Here's a quick shot of a few of the pitchers I was working on last week. I'll get some shots of the pillow tiles also for whomever was interested in seeing them before they go into the first firing.

I was going to write out our whole menu this weekend because once again Joey did a great job feeding everyone. Some of Joey's family members and his mom came for the weekend which was fun. We don't get to see his mom as much since his Dad passed away and she doesn't like to travel by herself much. His family is always amazed at what he comes up with and he puts us all to shame with his cooking. Unfortunately sitting here at the computer this afternoon, I can't find any of his gourmet recipe books to locate the names of everything we ate. So I thought I'd take a different approach to reporting on our meal by illustrating that anything "fancy" as my kids call it usually means they are not happy with what is on the table. Hotdogs, chicken soup and pasta are dinners of choice on the week days and on the weekend we usually get this response to anything "out of the ordinary". I made Quaid demonstrate his disapproval of the meal by using a common facial "words" that most kids enjoy at this age! And yes...he did have to sit there and eat what was on his plate.

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