My Only Political Rant

I'm sure by now if you read my blog its pretty obvious that I'm a Democrat. I'm also proud to say that I come from a long line of Democrats. My earliest memories of childhood are of my father dashing from the dinner table at 6:30 to see the evening news and pretty much yell at the TV every time Nixon came on. When George Bush senior was in office, the same thing occurred.

Now that I'm grown-up ( oh..that is a funny thought) I still enjoy the fact that my parents have been liberals since day one. Last week they went over the Obama headquarters and volunteered. Pretty much the talk whenever we go over to my parents house is how much of a mess the country is in and how they are sad that their kids will not be as well off as they are due to the last eight years and maybe perhaps the many before Bush Jr.

Today my husband called to tell me that 40 people in his company where laid off. We sit pretty much every week in fear that this will be us as well. Its cost Joey lots of sleepless night lately.

So..on that note, if you do read my blog and others that are in the "pottery blog" circuit, you'll see the "Obama cup campaign" that a number of people are participating in. My good friend Ron Philbeck is one of the people working hard on this project and I plan on getting a cup for my Dad this Christmas. This way I know I'm supporting two good causes, Obama and maybe some smart change for the country as well as my fellow potters who always are in need of more currency to keep them going in this world as well.
Below is a link you can go to for more information!
Peace everyone!


Jerry said...

We always joke in our pottery class that there is no such thing as a republican potter. Which is kind of funny since one of the people in our class is republican. But, though I was going to buy something from the sale that Ayumi is organizing, I had not thought to publicize it on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration. The more exposure, the better!

Becky said...

Oh, I think there are registered Republican potters out there. I know of at least two in my class --- one of them is me. There may be others, but they're the quiet ones who just keep on throwing and don't say anything when politics come up.

That said, I won't be buying any Obamaware on October 15th. (For the record, I wouldn't buy any McCainware either)

But I AM glad to see the HUGE involvement in the electoral process during this election and I applaud every one who is a part of it, whatever their politics.


this is what I bought...
I decided to allow my negative energy to help our economy.

Jen Mecca said...

You just made me laugh. Those are great! I say YIKES all the time when I see her. Jen


As she would say,
"Yep,Jen... You betcha.....
I just had to GOH on that crazy internet website and buy that shirt and magnet like JOE Six Pack and and a true Hockey Mom would do... "
*wink wink wink wink*
Eye pops out of socket and rolls across the floor from all of that winking.......