Pie Dish in Use

Last night I had a craving for Quiche so I went out to my studio and swiped one of my pie-dishes. I believe the last one I owned I gave to someone at a pot-luck because they liked it so much. ( This way I didn't have to wash the dish!) I don't make pie-plates that much even though it is a hot item among my family members. Joey's family is coming into town this weekend and he's been planning one of his wonderful meals all week. He was asking me if for dessert I could make a deep dish Carmel-apple pie. I have to admit the homemade crust comes out great in a clay pie dish. We'll see if I have some time to bake this weekend.

At any rate, this ham quiche was wonderful on a cold day with the side salad. Now that the winter months are here, there will be a lot of soup in our future and I'm sure the pie-dish will have many quiche's in them to accompany the soup.

Last night I had to take a break from wet clay and stain some of my bone-dry work to move it along, out to the shed. Here are twin vases ready to have the stain wiped away. These little guys are tricky to fire because they all have a match and the arms allow them to fuse together in the kiln. Hence...the twin theme. I have to credit this idea to my good friend
Amy Sanders who has her own type of twin vases ( I have a set I love!)


Ron said...

You know I've never made a quiche. Hum, that may go on the menu next week. I did make a frittata last night and it was very good.
Going to go look in Moosewood for a quiche recipe.

Big Al said...

I have not made a quiche in ages! I'd forgotten all about them. What a great winter item. Like Ron, it might have to go on the menu.

Great way to use an awesome pie plate.

Jen Mecca said...

Moosewood is the recipe I use! I love Quiche.Plus its super cheap to make. Just use up stuff in the refig. Goat cheese is really good in a quiche. Enjoy!