Around, Around, Around........

I'm working away on stuff. Just got my cake plates together this evening. Big accomplishment! We have finally gotten into our routine with all activities I keep going around here. We have boy scouts, girl scouts, violin lessons and dance this year. Three kids, each with an activity plus the drive back and forth to school each day. ( Not to mention Mom's evening classes at Winthrop!) Below is a song by none other than Grover on Sesame Street. My girls love this song and I of course remember it from my childhood. I was thinking today that this song sort of illustrates how I feel some days with all my running around. I think lots of Mom's and stay at home Dad's feel this way. Give a listen....he's pretty funny. You have got to love the mind of Jim Henson.

I'll get some photo's of work up in the morning.


Anonymous said...

we've avoided all that driving around for quite some time but sofia started preschool yesterday and the taxi services have begun

Jen Mecca said...

Oh Jim.....the days of pre-school are bliss. I miss those days. Part of all my driving I have brought on myself with choosing the send the kids to a school 1/2hour away but as you know, you'll sacrife everything for your kids. I just keep thinking " other people do this..I can too!" But I do somedays see myself coming and going and it does get crazy. I try to make our car rides as fun as possible. Our car is filled with all sorts of stuffed animals and drawing stuff!
I'm off to throw! jen