Lunch break

I'm happily working along in my studio today! Now I'm on my lunch break and I just popped on the computer to check my email and do alittle post. Bad news is I cant get the images I took to transfer from my camera to the memory card ( and don't ask about the cable....) I know all you tec people are saying "READ THE MANUAL"! Well...I can't find in the manual where that is and nor do I have time to search. I HAVE POTS TO MAKE and kids to pick-up and students to check on. ( Did I mention my dirty house?)

So...have no fear my tec man will be around this evening to help with all this and I'll have some good photo's to share.

I guess I'll finish up my salad, throw some more cloths in the washer and get back to figuring out some surface idea's for my small boxes.

Mondays can be a good thing!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

sounds like my day: laundry, litterbox, pottery, repeat!

Linda Starr said...

sometimes I wish I had children who could teach me about computers and electronic stuff, luckily I know just enough to keep me going, if something goes awry I'll need an expert or a manual for sure - and I have no idea where my manuals are either, hang in there.

Jen Mecca said...

Ah Linda...a women after my own heart!