Quick notes...... Large covered pot - my version of a bean pot.
Hate when this happens to a sprig. Always ask myself " should I save it or just ditch the whole pot?" Hard to put sprigs on bone dry pots.

Large platter....still on the quest to make more platters.

Decided to add feet to the squared off dishes. I think it works!
Off to help Joey with some mulch..sunny day, lawn work calls!


Dan Finnegan said...

Try making those sprigs with a little paper clay, Jen. I think it'll solve your problem there.

Anonymous said...

lovely bean jar jen... not sure it it will work but sometimes if you mix a bit of white vinegar with some of the same body clay and mush it in the crack, it will stay and not shrink back anymore, i've had success with some smaller cracks

Jen Mecca said...

Jim, you and I think alike. I do the dryed clay/vinegar thing on my pots also. I think Dan's idea with the paper clay is a good one because when you add the mason stains, it sort of "grits" up the clay and its likes to stiffen.
Hope you had a good weekend with "THE BUG!"

SMS said...

I had the same problem and I solved it with paper clay.