Road Trip

I'm heading out in the morning for a little road trip. It will be nice to get away and be immersed in pottery talk. After all workshops and conferences my head sort of hurts with all the information I try to take in! I"m looking forward to seeing some blogging buddies like Ron, Micheal Kline and the folks from Bull Dog Pottery. I'm sure many others will be there as well. I'm sure Ron and Micheal will do a great job in keeping everyone up on what will be going on during the conference. Those guys are such computer wiz kids...to much for his gal to keep up with! These days I'm even to impatient to update my facebook page from my Iphone.

I'll be back on Monday with a few of my own photo's I hope and thoughts about the weekend. Hope everyone has as much fun as I plan on having this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

have fun, great pic of you driving