Reporting back for duty.

I have to admit that I feel guilty when I don't get time to blog about anything super interesting. I even feel even worse when I don't have time to get on here with tons of images! But look, I'm here today reporting for duty in the world-wide-web world of pottery. ( Wow, that's a mouth full!)

Look at this sweet little child. One of my customers sent me this image of her little boy holding one of the my mugs. I love these images of pots in use. I know several blogging folks show these types of images. While at the NC potters conference Ayumi Horie showed a map of the world and all these great photo's of her "pots in use" popped up on states and countries all over the place. It was the coolest thing and a visual impact it had on me!
So, if your someone out there that has one of my pieces, please take a photo and send it to me. I love visiting with my old pots weather its in person or just by photo.

Below is an image of a handle that caught my eye. After shows I give myself a day or two of rest. Usually I'm cleaning up after my family because things just get disorganized and out of sorts when "MOM" has a show. I pay for it trying to get back on track days that follow my big pottery events. Anyways, I like to take some time and look around the web at pots, blogs and galleries and I was just investigating some boxes and handles yesterday. Thought this was a nice shot to share.
This week I'm pugging, finishing up some pots under plastic and doing some re fires and tests. Yesterdays I hitched up the wagon and took a trip to the big city of Charlotte to get clay and some supplies. Picked up two new tools , yet again. I don't know what's gotten into me..all of a sudden I feel the need for new tools. Guess I feel like I need a little pottery treat.
Have a good hump day!


Ron said...

Who's handle is that? It's really cool.

Linda Starr said...

What a precious look on the little boy holding your mug. That is a great handle indeed.

Mr. Young's Art said...

I don't blame you Jen, I'm a tool junkie myself... more tools than I'll ever use, but they sure look cool! It's nice to dream about how you might use that tool to come up with some new texture or something.
That handle is very nice!

Jen Mecca said...

That was someone on the Akar site and I can't seem to pull it up again. I'll do somemore looking. This box was just so awesome!