All's well that ends well & thoughts on creativity

The lusters came out of the kiln Sunday morning and at 10am Dad and I where off to Greenwood. I have to say that going through the pots with the luster on them was much more joyous than I had thought. As I was packing them up I suddenly become very attached and attracted to these "over the top" sort of pots. This was a surprise to me and also an enlightened when I thought about it the whole way down to Greenwood. ( I'll talk more about that in a minute.)

When we got to the Arts Council building ( which was the old Federal Building) I was pleasantly surprised. The space is new and very well planned and layed out. I had brand new pedestals that where huge and 6 of them had plexi-glass tops. I wasn't to keen on putting the tops over my pieces because I think that pots should be touched but with the lusters on them, I had a whole new view of my work. For once when the glass went down I really studied how much work goes into my pots and how so many times I undercut myself because I just want to move onto the next piece or I don't value there worth. Something about the luster/porcelain and pieces I made just asked to have a little class brought to them. At this time I think this was the place for it to happen! Dad got all his paintings hung and with my pots I think it looks pretty good and the space is just wonderful. As usual it all comes out well in the end after I put myself through a whole lot of unwarranted anxiety( along with the 4 other people who live with me).

Back to my "luster thoughts".................................The whole notion of what we make is who we has finally come full circle to me. There are many pots I just love and through the years I have longed to make those sort of pots but once you start creating something your brain and hands sort of take over. The end result, if its true I think is really YOU. Now to explain this a bit better, when I was working for Cedar Creek and we would go on our buying trips. Lisa Oakley and I would often laugh about how some of the crafts people looked like there work. Even after you spoke with them, you could totally see them in there creation. A potter by the name of David Vole comes to mind. He was the nicest, soft spoken guy but dressed with a little flare, not to hippies, not sloppy but just a touch of yuppie( If you will) appeal. His pots where very nicely made, soft in form, had lots of rich color and very pleasant to touch and have in your house. My mom has one of his creamers and I'm always admiring it when ever she pulls it out. So...............Where does that leave me and my lusters? Well, I am very visual and I love color( hence all the stuff I have to put on my pots), I'm pretty dramatic at times and I think my odd shapes have drama, I am a bit of a "mess" as my husband says and sometimes I find my pots reflect that and (Here's where the luster comes in) I really enjoy anything that is a bit over the top. Stores, cloths, shows, jewelry ect. I"m sort of like a moth that goes towards the light. I know I shouldn't sometime but I'm always draws to things like that. If nothing else but to just look at it. So, I think you make what you are and if you can stay true to what your hands, head and heart just tell you, it will show in your work. End of lecture
Hopefully tomorrow I can get some photo's up that I took at the art center. CHOW!

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