Small steps

This week I've been making plates, bowls and mugs. I'm working on a sample place setting for someone and some plates for another customer. Pretty comfortble stuff. I like throwing these things, they are kind of like therapy some nights I think. I"m working but I don't really have to think super hard because it comes naturally to throw these things. I love to put handles on mugs but something this evening with the days events effected making nice handles I think. Maybe it had nothing to do with the noise of the day, some days you just can not throw and the same goes with handles. I'm sure only I would notice that my handles just weren't the way I think they should be - the actual mugs shape was pretty pleasing so I was happy with that. Anyways, tomorrow I have to stain everything and get it into the bisque tomarrow and through the rest of the process. Joey's going out of town for two days so I have to find lots of things to wear the kids out in the day because I'm on my own for getting them into bed at a early time so I can go out and work. Of course lately trying to wear them during the day does the same to me so I'm ready to plop on the couch come 9o'clock. Good thing I"m not trying to get a whole dinnerware set out by the end of the week! So once those items are done I'm onto stuff for my home show! This year Amy Sanders, a friend of mine from Clayworks is going to be making a "quest appearance"; sadly Sandy decided she couldn't do it this year with me. As always, I'm looking forward to the event. I love to have people come and visit our back yard full of pots and put out the teki tourches for friday nights opening!

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