Amy Sanders

I just wanted to put a photo of Amy's work on here since she's coming to do my show with me. I love Amy's work and she is such a great person as well. I always likes someone's work that much more when they are a great person. Sandy Singletary usually does my home show with me but she's getting ready to go back to school so she just going to come hang out with us. I'm really looking forward to next weekend.


thebaltz said...

Hi, Jen!
Was just catching up with your blog. I really like the jam jars. We don't use jam; was trying to think of what else I could put in them.
Look forward to the show! Am coming back from Asheville just in time to catch it.
Take care -- Cheney

Jen Mecca said...

I'm still working on those.I would love to say I'll have some for the show, but they just couldn't get made with my time crunch this week. Look forward to having you come. I always have good treats on hand for munchin'.Jen