When you get overwhelmed, focus on something else.

I'm working like a mad women on my show stuff- trying to cram an extra week of work into a few days. I've had some much help from my mom friends here that I feel like I need to give them a little coupon to my show! So, what I was feeling all day while the girls where at someone's house playing or they were being entertained by the babysitter was how I need to do something fun with them soon. Some days I spend so much energy trying to keep everything going in my studio and my house that I forget to just relax and have fun with the kids. Its constantly popping up my head weather or not when they get older if they will only remember me running out to my studio all the time in a mad dash to finish something. Lots of time Quaid will stand by the door of my studio and ask me if I'll come play with him and I'll have to answer" I can't I've got work to do" and in my head the song "Cats in the Cradle and the silver spoon"......ect. Plays over and over. The girls where having so much fun in there little pool today playing with there fish and with the heat and the fact I had been basically working all day I just decided to quit and tell the sitter he could go home( yes I have a teenage boy who helps me with the kids...He's great!) We all came inside and layed on the couch and watched Snow-White together. The girls where thrilled to have me there talking to them and singing all the songs. They are so cute and sometime I think I'm missing out on so much by trying to be two people. On a positive note, I think seeing there parents work is a good thing for teaching work ethic and I think my kids have learned to be really good at entertaining themselves. They certainly are not shy with people because they have had such a host of people in and out of our house taking care of them while I'm in and out. So, see I could be overwhelmed with all that needs to get done for my show but instead I'm focusing on my other job instead. Sunday, I think will be a no work day for me.

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