The heat!

Ok, everyone on the east coast knows it is hot. Well the heat really slowed me down today, which all in all I don't think was a bad thing. I needed it. I took the girls this morning to a pool party which in these conditions was great. They had fun, I spent time with them and we cooled off. Than around 2 my babysitter came and I headed out to the barn to glaze. My kiln really wasn't cool so having a hot kiln and the temp. being over 100 was not a great mix. I managed to get the glaze studio cleaned, made up a glaze and started to wax; by 4 I had had it! I had planned on getting everything glazed this afternoon and then this evening putting together some candle holders I had thrown Monday night. NO DEAL. I had to go shopping tonight for food for the show and got back into the studio to glaze at 8:30...I just finished and it 11:00 now. Tomorrow I have to teach so I will start again finishing up stuff for the second kiln at 2, lets hope the heats lets up a bit.

My son Quaid is on a trip to DC with my folks this week and I miss his sillyness so I had to post a photo of him and one of his little friends on here tonight. My friend Debi( the mother of the little girls) just sent this to me. This photo reminds me of Joey and myself( only as smaller people)-it tells such a story.

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