Low-Key weekend

I'm still taking it easy. I guess I should kind of start getting into action or I could be in for a major shock soon! I got on order of plates done and shipped out last night and after that I decide to putts around the yard. I'm addicted to planting stuff and seeing what happens with it. I have to admit I don't think I'm very good at landscaping but maybe its just trial and error to see what lives, where it should go and how tall things really get. I've noticed some real planting "boo-boos" I've made with heights of things. I tend to like perennials a whole lot because I get excited each year to see them come up out of the ground. Its almost like an old friend that has surfaced. I tend to be a little strange with placing human feelings on things like animals and plants. Since the loss of my cat Mindy I've taken a real shine to our outdoor cat Paws that Quaid found last summer( she really is more of an indoor cat these days because I want to pamper her so much). The kids think its funny how I talk to her about all sorts of things. Mostly her weight. She came to us pretty skinny and with kittens so now that she has food at her disposal she tends to over-eat a bit. She seems to always be at her dish asking for food and I give it to her because I've never had a cat with such an appetite before. She's getting quit a large tummy on her and she enjoys laying around and I haven't seen her catch a thing in months. Anyways, she's very sweet and like all pets a big part of the family.

Tomorrow I really need to get myself back in full gear. Hopefully the weather will be nice so the kids can have fun outside, Joey can get some house painting done and I can turn up the tunes and throw, throw, throw!
Have a good one everyone!

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