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Its Sunday - did the week go and why didn't I get on here to post??????????? Well, as far as pottery business went this week, it was kind of casual. I worked on cream and sugar sets. In fact, this evening I'm going to try and come up with a new tray for my standard set. My "opera" stage set I've decided is just for special show and stuff. I'm sure that most people cannot afford or really want a big cream and sugar sitting on there table. SO.....Tonight, its time for some thinking and sketching before I throw. I also worked on my pedestal bowls. I made some big ones and some smaller ones that make wonderful candy dishes. (I think these will be popular around Christmas). I'm finishing up these items for a gallery order and then its onto some dinnerware.

I opened the paper this morning to see a little article about my home show. A friend of mine who works for the Charlotte Observer has started writing an article about "York county" events and chose my little show to be one of her first articles. Thanks Cheney! The publicity is always good for business.

Sooooooooo, the majority of my week was trying to get set for next week. Family, kids and organization. On top of that, we are trying to do major potty training with the twins girls. This is proving to be a task with the two of them. I think Mckenna's got it but Aydan is having accidents left and right. The pre-school we are sending them too has a policy that the 3 year old children have to be potty-trained. We have 2 1/2 weeks left for her to get this. It's so hard to have two kids, the same age and trying to do the same things all the time. No one knows what its like to have twins unless you DO have them.

My final big event last week was the annual winter "Twin Sale" in Charlotte. I belong to this huge (yes I said huge) group in the Charlotte area called "Mothers of Multipals" and they have two sales a year. Its a big deal for mom's like me. You have to get things ready to sell on Thursday night, Friday night you wait in this big lottery line to buy the things and on Saturday you go back to pick up your not sold items. This event pretty much consumes my week and weekend but it pays off. I get the kids so many cloths, books and such and also make money on there old stuff. Here in the sea of mom's I feel like they all know what it is like to deal with my day to day dealings with the girls. Some of these women have a lot more on there plates then I do with triplets and Quads. The number of women with multiples have grown in the last 5 -10 years because so many women wait to have kids so they can further there career. This results in a lot of fertility drugs being used or just the bodies nature progression of getting rid of eggs when your "biological clock" starts winding down. (I'm sure this was my case since I had the twins at age 36).

Next week we will be ( or I will be) trying to figure out how to work late and get up early for kindergarten car pool. I know some things will have to change around here, I'm just not sure in what order it will happen. I'll keep you posted.

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