Reflect, Rest and Revamp

It took until today to decide to get back in my studio and head into my Sept. orders( and finish up my August ones). I was so worn out from last week I didn't even want to step foot on my porch. It was like going into some office or job I just didn't feel like being at so I took Monday off as well. When I was a teenager and I just did not feel like going to school for some odd reason my mother would tell me to just stay home because I wasn't going to do my best anyways. She was a teacher so I know now as an adult that it was good advise and makes lots of sense. I always hear her saying that to me in my head when I'm just worn out and need a break.

So, here it is Tuesday evening and I did get back to work. I cleaned my studio, ground some pots, organized my orders that will be shipped out when completed and packed a piece for shipping. Tomorrow I have to get some plates in a bisque and then I will start to throw again. This month I won't really be working on anything new even though I'm itchin' to do just that. I have some pretty straight forward orders to finish and a big dinnerware set to begin. I'm really curious to see how I can fit all this in with the starting of..............DRUM roll please...........................................
Up at 6 to get everyone rolling. Why can't school just start at a normal hour like 10 so people can wake up at a sane hour like 8!~

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