Being an independent worker

My sister in law came out on my porch last night and said that it seemed sort of sad and isolated for me to be out working watching my movie and everyone else in watching football game. I told her some that most nights it was really nice. My mom was telling me today that the older she gets the more she gets "people overload". She said that if she has to be in a crowd or group for days at a time she needs home time by herself. I can totally relate. I think I have always enjoyed my alone time since I was little. I'm sure it has a lot to do with being an intervert. I need my space at least for an hour every day. I had a roommate in college that use to get made at me for not wanting to always go out and be social. You know, sometimes socializing takes a lot of effort for someone like me. So this thought brought me to another one which is working independently. The older I get the more I don't like people telling me what I should or should not do. ( Joey can certainly agree with that). I think pretty much my parents are the only people I will listen to. If anyone else starts bugging me about something I need to change or do it really puts me in what I like to call "testy land". I think working for myself is perfect for me. I don't like taking to many orders but I was raised to do what I'm told if I'm working for someone. Other than that, if its my own business and my own decision, I like to keep it that way. I know that one of my daughter has inherited this. Here is a photo of her in her new cowboy boats and pumkin socks that I got for her at the twin sale. For half the morning she pushed around her doll buggy and would stop to stomp and let everyone now she was in the room. It was hilarious but very telling of her little personality.

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