July 4th

I did get back to throwing a bit on July 4th but I ran out of clay last night and found out I still could NOT get any of my clay here in Charlotte. So......Tonight I made some glazes and I guess I'll plan a trip on my own up to Asheville (which feels kind of lonely at the moment). I asked Joey if he wanted to make a family day of it but he has all sorts of house things he wants to do so I'll let him stay here and maybe take one of the kids with me on a little adventure.I put a photo of the girls up from our July 4th outing. Like I said before, I love to post photo's of the kids. I tried to get a good one of Quaid but he wasn't in the "festive mood" that night. He was just focused on the fireworks. I'm really not a very patriotic person (mainly because I find so much wrong with the county right now) but of course it is a tradition to celebrate and I don't want the kids to miss out on that. So every year I drag Joey out to fight with the traffic and we have a usual back and forth banter on when we are going to bolt for the car. As a kid my father always made us miss the finale because we had to beat the traffic. Low and behold I married someone who feels the same way. This year I was the one who wanted to run because there was talk of a huge rain storm coming and nothing is worse than dragging 3 sopping wet kids whining through a rain storm. All in all, once again it ended well and the kids had a blast and I believe the two of us did as well!
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