Fading fast.....

I was commenting to someone this evening that I have a free week on the web to look for clay "stuff". My online courses are on hold due to summer break so I feel like I have some free time on the web to just play and see what I can find.

I had a pretty productive day in the studio because I hired one of my good friends teenage daughters to come over and play while I concentrated on my studio duties. I couldn't believe how much paper work I had gotten behind on! I had to pack up pots, send in some images for shows and do a good bit of trimming today. I wanted to take a photo of Harvey playing with the kids because she does such a good job but I couldn't really explain to her about my blog and I didn't want to look silly to a 15 year old. Today was one of those days I actually felt pretty thankful for living in a small town where I've really gotten to know my neighbors and can trust a handful of teenagers to come help me out when I need it. Last week one of my friends teenage boys baby sat the girls and did an amazing job. I was thinking how I hope one day Quaid may like to earn some extra money doing the same thing and I would hope since he's the brother of two girls, would be good at this. Most of the kids that help me out have parents who are either creative or have spent a bunch of time doing a variety of activities with them. It really shows in the games and activities they do with my children. Lots of made up games that require some good imaginations and I love this!
Here are some sauce pots that I'm waiting to stain in the morning. I thought alot about that spout and how the sauce ( like chocolate or syrup) needed a narrow spout rather than a large one to help get it from point A to point B. I figure that if the spout is really large, the sticky sauce may go everywhere and "plop" out. Once again, we'll have to do a trial run before putting these out for sale. I've learned some pretty hard lessons about functional pots and people who use them. Always test!

Back to the train of thought about surfing the web for cool pots............
Well, after doing my blog and playing on facebook a bit, I think I'll just go to bed. To tired to surf this evening!

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