The mole population..

Last week was sort of like working when you have an infant. Only a few hours here and there while they sleep. I was in and out of my studio whenever I could get a break and little people where happy and entertained. I'm thinking I may have to go back to the days and getting a regular teenage "helper" on set days so I can get more done for my shows coming up. Guess I should find one that can drive since I have three people going to different camps on different weeks. Some days I think " what was I thinking!" But, we'll make it work somehow and I'll get my pots done and hopefully they will look good. ( And my kiln won't die at the last minute!)

I have lots of folks ask me for toothbrush holders. Now this is something I don't think I ever thought of making when I was dreaming up crazy serving dishes and anything that would make other potters go "cool idea"! But, everyone needs a place to keep their toothbrush and I needed some small items to fit around some big bowls that are going in the kiln. We'll see how they go over! The new clay I've been trying seems to take the black stain really well. I haven't attempted handles with this clay yet just because I'm afraid of lots of popping and I don't have time to spare for those sort of set backs.
Our cats have been extremely supportive of me this summer. I believe this is the 25th mole I've taken out of my studio since school has ended. Boy they love me! Only two bats so far this summer this because I've had alittle talk to them about that! You would think the mole population in our yard would ban together and move next door. I guess moles are not very smart......
When Joey is out of town he always tells Quaid that he is "the man of the house". What this means is he's responsible for removing all dead creatures that are brought to the house. He usually gets on a pair of rubber gloves, a shovel and wrinkles up his nose while I watch from the kitchen window!


cookingwithgas said...

Hey Jen- I used a driving teen when mine were home in the summers.
Our deal was I worked the early part of the day and they slept in.
They got up and fixed their own breakfast, and they had a list of chores to do.
They would checked off their list anytime between the time they got up and 2 pm.
If the list was complete then the rest of the day was theirs to go swimming or movies or whatever.
My day was 8-2.
That and a long stay in another state with grandparents got us through the summer months.
I hate moles!
Love the pots though!

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Your new pieces look great. I love bats they're awesome! Looks like your place is a real haven for wildlife.