Feels good to work

I've been able to carve out some time in my studio most mornings and evening this week. It feels really good to get back to work.

Here's just one board of pots from last night. A little lightning bug decided to come in a sit on one of those mugs below. In the summer time I have all sorts of interesting bugs that visit me and thank goodness all the rotten floor boards in my shop got fixed about four years ago so the raccoons finally went away! The bugs don't bother me and the cats, for the most part keep themselves entertained with the bugs between naps and meowing to go in while my wheel spins around and around. The bags of recycled clay are mounding up. Here are just a few I haven't taken back to my shed yet. I have about 8 more out there! Today I'm hauling the pugmill to Rock Hill to see if a machine shop there can help me out. Fingers crossed!
I appreciate all the nice words and encouragement with my etsy site. I know its a little ruff but we are off to a good start. Like everything else there are all sorts of in's and out's to etsy that I'm not yet familiar with yet. I just wanted to finally get it up and running and after the next kiln load, I'll put more photo's up. Hopefully if work slows down for my tech guy, he'll be awake at night to keep things listed and check for all sorts of activity going on with all those etsy folks! I've been able to cut my computer time down with my online course and I'd like my computer time to stay that way so I can make more pots.
10am..time to make some beds and get out to work while everyone short and small is busy playing and reading! It seems we need Mom to come up with activities in the afternoon so I better get going!


FetishGhost said...

Your Etsy looks great!

Charlotte Barber Wiley Pottery said...

Blog looks nice and Etsy looks nice. Next to impossible to keep it all up!!!!

Jen Mecca said...

That is true Charlotte!!

littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

Your pieces look great is that semi porcelain?