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Since I've done Larkspur for the last ...oh I think 11 or so years, I've always marveled, as does everyone else, how at 10 o'clock on Saturday the folks just run to any and all of the garden art that is for sale. The first few years I would just stick to bringing my pots to the show than I caught on that maybe some planters would be a good idea. These sold alright but it wasn't until 2 years ago that I finally just told myself that I needed some sort of item on a "stick".
The first year I did this, I made fish that looked like birds. I only made 6 of them and with in the first 15 minutes...they where gone. The most comical part to this story is the fact that since we all like to sit around and laugh at each other, that year I became the brunt of many jokes about putting anything I could find on a stick and selling it!

This year since I knew I had many great potters to compete with I once again came up with something on a stick for the garden art folks and boy did they fly out of there super quick.

Once again I was the brunt of alot of jokes....especially from my pal Brad Tucker so.......
Here you go Brad, one last gab about my houses on a stick!


Linda Starr said...

Brilliant, now what can I make and put on a stick. Ha, ha. good for you. whimsey in the garden is a good thing.

vicki hartman said...

That's funny.
Stick or no stick, i do love the houses!

Jen Mecca said...

( people LOVE garden art!)

Tim Turner Pottery said...

Damn stick people !! Perhaps next year I'll just sell sticks to all the craftspeople. I have to say my brown pots made your festive colors jump into customers bags. Great fun, see you next year.