Friday night

I'm getting ready to head out and work. When I think back on my week I can't really say it felt like it was an easy going summer week. I can't even remember what went on from Monday through wed. but I know it was a busy week with the kids. Today I drove half way between Charlotte and Raleigh so my son could spend the weekend with my sister's family.

The water stress in my back yard hung around more this week as well. It seemed to bother me more and more as the week went on and I'd find streams of water flow running through the yard on days when my neighbor was just watering his lawn. I'm really driving my husband nuts with all this neighbor stuff but my fiery Italian personality can just not leave it alone. I'm very territorial I guess and feel like someone is invading my little country. On a positive note, I've been trying to tell myself we will get it all taken care of and it will be fine. Plus...here in this photo is the wood for the roof of my kiln shed that Joey and my neighbor are putting up tomorrow. So you say....." Gee, what in the world is she complaining about"...well......beats me with a stick.

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Judi Tavill said...

the peters valley show is sept 15th-16th so... hang in... i did 2 little things loclly- more like luncheons with vendors/fundraisers...they went ok- only a few hours each... i've been doing jewelry and that's what did the best.... but I think it was the venue...