Fridays Work

Today was productive in the studio. I guess yesterday was too but I had to spend the evening away from home, so I didn't get back in there to finish up stuff..which was a bummer. You know how good it feels when your on a roll and I think I've finally gained some momentum that I was lacking for awhile.

I have started on the new compotes. You see in the photo some closed forms that will become boxes. I love to make boxes and I just to check out other potters boxes too. Boxes are one of those items we potters make that don't have a "food" related use to them but the thought of putting something in them that is very personal and special to someone really applies to me.

Today I started throwing some egg cups. I guess when I walked outside and saw that some of my flowers had blooms on them my thoughts went to Easter, which then led to...
"Hey, I need to make some more egg cups"!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

you say box, I guess I call them sugar bowls and I tend to like making them too BUT ANYWAY have a good weekend and keep up the awesome work

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Gary,
They don't look like boxes now, but they will in a few days. I'll get some photo up.
Thanks for all your nice comments! jen