The Hogde-Podge Of It All

"Life is a journey, not a destination"

I get this magazine that I love to look at called "Signals". Its pretty much just neat gifts but it also has a lot of jewelry that has various quotes and sayings. I have been eyeing an bracelet in there for some time which has this quote stamped on it. I really can relate to this saying because when I think of my work over the years and how much I go back and forth with what I'm trying to accomplish and say, I relies that I am always learning. I'm always changing, questioning decisions and learning from mistakes. I think for some people they can easily solve what they are trying to work through in their art. For some of us, it does not come so quickly and that's OK. I figure that everyone does move at their own pace and what may seem easy for me when it comes to some other life lesson is harder for others.

I was viewing my set-up the other day at our Circle show and wondering why I felt a bit uneasy with the group of pots I had. Last night when I started to up-pack the work and put it up on the shelf I had an "ah ha moment". ( If anyone indulges in Oprah, you'll know this term.) I

t finally hit me that I have a Hodge-podge of designs. I have three glazes..that have been worked out. I have my surface treatment that I'm always "tweaking" but the designs constantly change. I have some good ones that directly hit me as well thought out and other that seem so-so.

So, next order of business for me in the next batch of pots is to do some series. Keep the good patterns and leave the old. My head feels so much clearer after the light bulb finally turned on.

Hey...does anyone own this rat and how did it find my cup?

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Ron said...

he, he look at Remy. He enjoyed your cup while it was here.

Good talking with you tonight