Blue Sky

Sounds to me from what I've been reading that we all are in need of a little sunshine in our lives to get us moving in our studio's. Yesterday was just that sort of day and from what I can see outside, today, at least here in the South its looking pretty sunny again. I think the temperature here today in South Carolina is going to clime to the 50's. Pretty good! I was listening to the news this morning and heard about that huge snow blizzard in ( I think ) Iowa and its looks like some of that storm may be heading our way this Saturday. If it does, once again I'm hoping for some fluffy white stuff and no more RAIN.
Our poor yard is just a mud pit this year. ( Thanks to my neighbor who I ranted about a few years ago.) We have not had the funds to fix this problem in our back yard and it does have some barring also on why I haven't hooked the gas up to my salt kiln yet. The gas truck can't get back into our yard without getting stuck most weeks due to all the flood waters that flow through our yard. GEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR

On the bright side, our flowers will look great this spring I hope! Guess I really need to get out and plant some bulbs soon. We tend to have flowers peeking up through the ground mid-February around here and last spring I really neglected my gardens.
Since it was so sunny yesterday I felt like I got a lot done in my studio. Here are two cups with the larger springs on them and yes, that is the new colored clay I mixed up. The brown is the terra sig I've been experimenting with. I'd like to mix more of that up in some other colors and see what it looks like on my pots.
The first of February I always participate in a show called Treasures of the Earth at the Cleveland County Arts Council located in Shelby NC. Some years I've used this venue to try out
new glazes or forms. This year I guess it will be the new colors I'm trying with my sprigs. I may even try some new glaze colors!
Today is a day for paper work and teaching my class at Winthrop in the afternoon. I really love teaching during the day so I can be home at night with Joey and the kids so that seems to be working out well this semester so far.

You all have a great day and I hope the January "blahhhhhhhs" have passed for us all.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

adorrrrrrrable cups! I have to stop looking at your blog. I loooooove your pots so much it is distracting.

Jen Mecca said...

Your to kind...now get back to work!

Julia said...

Love the cups!

You aren't kidding about the puddle, er...lake, in your yard. Here's hoping that any more storms bring SNOW instead of RAIN.