Football and Plastic

Well, as most of your know the South East ( and most of the East Coast) is pretty cold. I thought last year was a cold winter but obviously I was wrong because this December was just how I like it. COLD! Of course I like it cold because its Christmas and I shut down my studio for most part, but now that we are in January and I need to get back working.....its to cold once again to make pots!

We put two layers of plastic up in November but with the cold snap and maybe my age ( haha) it was just not "Cutting the mustard" as the saying goes sooooooo.................. Yesterday I was like... " Honey, you need to help me put more plastic up in my studio"!

Now, I have a very patient husband who helps me ALOT but during football season I know that basically I'm on my own. Well yesterday was the NFL play-offs and putting up plastic once again for the second time this year was not something that was high on the list of fun things to do on a Saturday.
The process of doing this means the everything has to be pulled away from the walls, pots need to be taken off the shelves, its cold and it seems like the plastic roll, after pulling it out and measuring it, takes over the whole space. ( There is Joey above with no coat on in 30 degree weather measuring the outside wall.)
Basically in a nut shell, its a pain in the neck and many expletives are spoken during the process.
So the moral of this story is...don't interrupt your husband during the weekend of the NFL play-offs to put more plastic up in your studio. It could be detrimental to your marriage!


Unknown said...

Brrrr. I took a break throwing in mid December and was planning on starting a wholesale order on Monday. Guess not. My space heater doesn't quite do the job. I will try to work on Wednesday but will have to see. I keep my clay stacked inside the house so that my hands can take throwing with warm water. By the way, I am glad that you have found time to blog again.

Jen Mecca said...

You know Judy, I've never thought on keeping my clay inside. That is good idea..bring it in the night before!

I'm heading out there today, we'll see how it goes...

Dan Finnegan said...

You need to get that man of yours a DVR! I worked all day yesterday and came home late in the evening to enjoy two great games.
My studio was 31 degrees farhenheit the other morning ...it's that time of year for sure!

Linda Starr said...

What about using some plexiglass panels with holes so they are removable and storable to cover the windows? at my last location I always kept my clay warm because it didn't work well cold and I fill my water bucket with warm water too, it helps my cold hands a bit.

Jen Mecca said...

Dan- I was just thinking of getting a thermostate for my studio just because I'm curious the temp. some days. I'm sure its NOTHING compared to yours!

Linda-Like the panel idea..just don't know where we'd store them in the summer months.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Jenn- I was thinking blue board- we cut blue-board and use it in cold cold windows,
( don't open my living room curtains!)
Once cut they pop right in place.
Don't want to store them- use them to line boxes for shipping and then get more next year.
But they also work to help keep the AC working well- not pretty but hey what the heck!
DVR is a MUST!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

throwing in winter is such a challenge!

Connie said...

Wow!! I would never be a working artist if I had to do what you guys are talking about. I am such a wimp!!! I have my studio in the garden level basement of my house, and I still need a space heater, that sits right next to me. I really feel wimpy after reading what everyone else wrote.