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Summer is almost done folks, can you believe it?! This is been my summer of re-grouping, enjoying family time and moving on to new adventures.

We just got back from our summer vacation up in Central NY. This year we had a special occasion to celebrate which was my parents 50th wedding anniversary ( aren't they cute below..) So for all of us married folks out there who are still counting the years, my parents give hope to the fact that you can make it work through the good and bad. We had a small celebration dinner for them in a town which is my families favorites on earth...Skaneateles NY. If you ever get near Syracuse , you have to go!
We got to spend an entire week up near Ithaca. How many of your bloggers out there know this guy? Yep, the one and only Gary Rith was on our " stopping" list this trip. He was great with the kids and he made some custom mugs for my girls. We fell in love with his animals needless to say....

We spent alot of time hiking several gorges and waterfalls. That is one of the things Central NewYork is known for. Here a shot from Watkins Glen State Park.
We bunked at a lake house where I spent most of my summer with a childhood friend. It was bitter sweet going back because her lake house is no longer in use by her family. The kids swam morning, noon and night while Joey and I enjoyed NY state wine, relaxation and the cool breeze that came off the lake. We also had a family of ducks that came to visit every morning.
We did sell our old house in York Sc and as they use to say on the show "The Jefferson's", we're moving on up! In the next few weeks we'll be moving into the yellow house in the photo below. We were very lucky with the housing market and found a house near the kids school that met all our "room" requirement. Who ever it was that was upset with the fact I was home schooling can rest assured that our children will be going back to good school , (that we will be paying for..) and Mckenna will be able to get all the reading help she needs. She has had an excellent summer and I don't regret for a minute taking her out of school and giving her all the encouragement and help I could. I think teachers these days just have to many kids and not enough time to really focus on a child who is crying out for help. Teaching them is only half of what teachers SHOULD be doing. Nurturing, encouraging and knowing each child is that other half... ( obviously its a topic that still "stings" a bit for me!)

Incidentally, that garage on the side of the house will be my new studio. It has windows and a cooling system believe it out not so until we can scrimp and save to build me something...this will be my new pottery home. My salt kiln will also be getting a new home in Concord NC. "She" will be rebuilt at Allison McGowen's house and we plan on giving workshops together out at her place so....that was a big relief for me! Joey and I looked and looked for a house out in the country but just could not find what we needed so you make do with what you can!
The kids enjoyed a lot of creative camps this year. Here the girls learned to make fashions out of recycled material.....it was a hoot!
And finally, yes....pots have been made in my studio. I just updated my show listings so far for the year so when you get a chance, go to my side bar and see where I will be this Fall. In two weeks, I'm back up to Blowing Rock and looking forward to it!
Take care everyone! Jen


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Fun seeing blogging buddy Gary in your post. Sounds like you had a great vacation... just in time to start moving! How exciting to move to a new house. Congrats on successfully navigating the real estate market!

cookingwithgas said...

you make me miss having young kids.
What a wonderful and yet full life you are having!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

dang, I live here and have not been to that lake or watkins Glen yet---just as I have heard, amazing!

Ron said...

The new house looks really nice. Good to get a post here and see the pics. Talk to ya soon.

Jen Mecca said...

I think I may be blogging again a bit more regularly! Of course, we'll see what happens once school starts back...Jen

Quietly Otaku said...

Sounds like you.ve had a great holiday! Your new house is beautiful good luck with the move : )

Green Mountain Realty said...

Great blog, love the house pics, thanks so much for sharing your life and posts.

Anne W said...

What a lovely house. Hard to move an entire studio. Hope everything goes well as you set out on your next adventure :)

Pottery Figurines said...

Haven't checked in on this blog in a while, but I'm glad to see you're doing really well! Looking forward to more of your posts!

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