Happy Turkey Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! It is 7:30 and it feel like 11 to me since I ate a huge and wonderful meal at 3 today. My husband and his mom( the sue-chef) made the whole meal for ....get this 19 people! Can you believe that? Of course most of you don't know how little our house is but those of you that do picture 8 of those people as small children. It was truly a feat getting it all done and he did a wonderful job. It was even different than the norm because he took great recipe's out of gourmet magazines and made the meal. What a guy. And so, what we I doing??????? Glazing today. I did manage to help with setting a nice table ( I have to throw that in and I did make the stuffing). I also get to see the Macy's day parade on TV which has always been a tradition with me so it was a good day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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