What else has been going on.

Here are some new pots I was working on for Sandy's sale. One is a photo of the squared off spoon jar and the others are honey pots!

Lots has been keeping me very busy and its been hard to get on line so I'll update on what I've been up to.

Basically I've been throwing and finishing pots like crazy. I have a show this weekend in McConall's and than another one next weekend at Clayworks. I also have two gallery orders that are suppose to go out. I had to cancel one which really made me uneasy and upset because it was a new gallery but I just couldn't come up with the work in time. I hate that galleries always want work by thanksgiving. Of course it makes sense but I would just love to stretch it out some more. Since my candle holders did so well at the last show I made more for these two coming up and I also worked on honey jars, pasta dishes and some other things. I feel like I fell short of getting out to my studio as much as I should of. Last weekend my son brought home the class mascot, which was is stuffed bear and so I had to help my son entertain it so we could write a story about what we did with the bear. Believe it out not, that took up a lot of my weekend.....Yes, entertaining a stuffed bear. Go figure. This week all sort of things went on at Quaid's school. There where lunches to be at, concerts and yesterday Quaid turned 6 so we were at Chuck-E- Cheese for most of the day. When I look at how little has come out of this week of working, I kind of can see where all my time went. We'll see how next week goes.

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