Sunday I did work on the kiln a little bit. Lots of kids around eager to help so I spent most of the time distracted while trying to figure this bottom part out. I have run into a bit of a snag here. I'm replacing all the bricks that go around the burner ports with hard bricks. Ann had mostly soft bricks here mixed in with a few hard so the levels for the wall are now off a bit. Joey and I decided that I would just have to cut and shave down the next level to fit snugly on this one. In other words I'm going to have to cut some sort of joint places that fit around the hard brick so I can level out the next row. I did plan on working on that yesterday but in the morning I had a sick child so I lost that work time.

( The wine glass is Joey's so don't fret that I'm trying to do this with a little "buzz" going. Aydan jumped into for a photo opp because she felt like I needed some help from a T REX that day.)

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