All last week before our trip I was battling a sore throat by taking lots of zinc and different kinds of herbs. I thought I had cured myself but Saturday at the beach it all traveled to my lungs..........so, needless to say tomorrow I'm off to the doctors.( Boy I have not had a good start of the school year sickness wise!) Today as I was coughing my brains out and telling myself not to lay down and rest but keep working in the studio.To keep myself on task, I did I take a little soup break. It did taste so great and having it in such a fun bowl made it all the worth the wait of cooking it.

This bowl that we own was made by Ronan Peterson who was just in a show with the Circle of Eight group in my home town last month. I met Ronan a few years ago in Raleigh and this year I got to hang out with him and trade "wares" at the Larkspur show that I do every year.

I was having a lot of good thoughts about making bowls and the function of them today so I think that is why I choose to stop working and eat some soup. Just this morning another one of my favorite bowls got broken in the sink and I was lamenting to myself how if it had just been a bit more substantial of a piece, it would of survived having another bowl thrown down on it. The more I make pots and look at other ceramic people work, the more I really like a hearty, thick piece of pottery. Ronan's piece here is very fun but also hearty..no chipping, no thin rims for knocking.

Because I do work in Porcelain, my students always expect my work to be very thin. I have explained a numbered of times that at one point this was my focus with the clay body but as time went on ( as a functional potter) I felt like my true way of throwing was much more heavy handed and for years now I have gone in this direction.

Boy, just looking at the photo of the soup in this great bowl just makes me want to have another right now!


Ziggy said...

Hi Jen!
I hope you don't mind me leaving comments like I'm already your friend... :-)
A bowl of warm soup comforts me especially when I don't feel well also.
As part of Japanese customs, some dishes such as rice bowls and some soup bowls are made to be hold in your hand when you eat. So I always try to make those thinner and lighter as possible, but for the rest, I like heavy, thick ones, too.
Please get well soon!!

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Ziggy,
( please write whenever, it would be nice to have a pal in Japan!)
I am firmilar with the Japanese rice bowls and teabowls. The function of holding a warm liquid in your hand most certainly calls for a light bowl..you are so right! I guess that since I have young children always dropping dirty dishes in the sink, the thought of hearty bowls came to my mind.
Today I am feeling better! I'm sure it was the soup!Jen