I have a kiln cooling and I am set to load another bisque this evening for my final firing on Thursday. Of course I won't know really how I'm doing until I open the kiln tonight. I have a lot of big bowls and platters in this kiln and lots of times the bigger pieces require re-fires to get some of the bubbles to flux out. My glaze base is very touchy and it sometimes likes to be soaked but other times if I do this, I risk a lot of running in the glaze so I always have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I'm very lucky in that Friday, (the day I'm usually racing around before a show, packing the car and pots at the same time) that Joey is taking the day off to just be around and help with running the kids to and from school and be here if I need some extra help. I would love for us to work some more on the kiln but I'm not sure we will find time to do that. Maybe this Sunday we can get back to that project.

I neglected to introduce a member to our family on my entry about our beach trip. Quaid bought himself a hermit crab and named him Hermy Claw Lawler. I really thought that all hermit crabs do is just sit around but this week, during the day when it usually is just been me and the cats, Hermy and I have been getting to know each other. Monday I made sure the he was fed and had water plus like a true mother I cleaned up "his room" for him. To my surprise when Quaid came home and we looked back in his cage, I realised that Hermy had re-arranged his cage to HIS liking. Since this impressed me so much, each morning I have done the same thing and every day Hermy has changed it back! It is the coolest thing! Animals just rock!

( Check out who guards Hermy from the cats.)

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